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They are not in the app business. There are plenty of GPL apps which run fine on closed systems, so they don't have to worry about apps.

On the other hand, they will control Upstart, Mir (the display server) and Unity. That can be a basis for a decent stack which can be closed whenever they want.
While I agree that they could, there's no real benefit to doing so.

  1. No one can clone them?
  2. They could license their code to partners?

  1. No one trusts them anymore.
  2. Partners go back to Android.
  3. The community, which significantly develops the code for them, can no longer help write code or fix bugs.
  4. As a result of #3, everything is now buggy, and they no longer have the resources to do much of anything.
  5. Ubuntu dies.

I'm not seeing any balance sheet on which they could possibly decide to close up the source code.