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Thread: Ubuntu's Unity Written In Qt/QML For "Unity Next"

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    Quote Originally Posted by a user View Post
    well, they aren't so far away fropm truth as it seems at the first look. and i say that as someone quite oop affine.
    Actually they are.. very far from the truth..
    Quote Originally Posted by a user View Post
    how powerfull oop is and allows for simple and elegant constructions, it also allows for more bad designs if not used right than C ever allowed. though, it is something one may get only the chance to see this in larger projects.
    The ability to shoot yourself in the foot doesn't inherently make things bad, if that was the case we should never have developed vehicular transportation and should all be walking everywhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by a user View Post
    though, there are various attempts in cutting down a lot of that power to put the developer back in line... as far as i have seen with very very bad results. leads to such bad though designs like java, where features where cut off, claimed they are not needed and make things worse and then you start doing ugly things around just to compensate for that.
    That would be Java and their asinine concepts of how a language should be designed, nobody else significant not even python really ascribes to that ideology, and particularly not C++ and C#.

    Quote Originally Posted by a user View Post
    though, most common devs won't observe this. they actually indeed profit from this reduced modularity and features because they were never able to handle it. and this closes the circle to the thesis of that announcement
    Sure and we all benefit from walking everywhere, but it doesn't do what we need to get done.

    Quote Originally Posted by a user View Post
    edit: just a very small example about how oop can reduce modularity by its nature:
    while using C you have access to every method / module (what ever you define as a module) you can restricte in oop things very easy in such a way, that you totally lose all modularity. you declare fields and methods private or protected etc. thinking of controlling bad usage of your design, and end up often cutting down all roads of an efficient and effective way of modular extention or integration.

    what i mean is, that you have far more to plan into the "future" to not lock down future code development than in most other "styles" and it tends to overcomplicate things.
    I don't think you understand what the word Modular means, as having a bunch of little black boxes that interact with each other is the very epitome of being modular
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