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Thread: Upstream X/Wayland Developers Bash Canonical, Mir

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnc View Post
    It seemed like they were all gung-ho about Wayland but then a few weeks back it came out that they were working on their own scheme. Seemed very surprising.

    My gut is that they needed something that worked on phones / tablets now with a lot of SoC driver support so they wanted to take Android SF in and see what they could do with it.
    Daniel Stone said:
    Every Mesa driver supports Wayland, plus numerous properietary drivers (mostly running on ARM)
    Thus SoC and phone support isn't really a reason to not choose Wayland, not to mention that joining forces with Red Hat, Intel, etc by betting on a single display server - Wayland - would make it (much) easier and more realistic to get companies (including Nvidia/AMD) to write their (closed source) drivers with Wayland in mind.

    Canonical knows this well, and the only reason that makes sense for them to create their own display server is to have full control of it - it also explains why they didn't contribute/complain/suggest/ask before anything about Wayland.
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