Here is a preliminary view of Canoncals future software compilation. Some might be guessing but it hugely scary to se all the CLA and use of walled gardens from Google and Digia. Please fill in the void.

Linux/Android: Fragments upstream Linux, GPL is not respected for Android in large parts of Asia.

Android graphics drivers
: Fragments the current push for open drivers on Linux

Upstart: CLA. Init and session management. Canonical gains control of kernels and apps.

LightDM: CLA. Display Manager. Canonical gains control of Apps.

Mir: CLA. Display server/protocol.

Qt: Digia CLA. Provides the ability to close up apps, use DRM and make alterations compared to any free software versions.

: CLA. Desktop Interface software.

Canonical Apps: CLA.

Canonical platform services
: CLA.

All these CLA components came to life for different purposes. Today it doesnt seem like coincidents, does it?