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Kid get the fuck outta here. Fuck canonical and fuck ubuntu. Their 0.0000000001% contributions to linux doesn't even count, yet they are first to say "we invented this". Unity when they could improve gnome-shell, now MIR(what a retarded name) when they could help wayland.
There should be some GPL changes to disallow faggots from canonical use damn code for free. PERIOD.
Go back to your dog-cave.

Canonical has made Linux what it is today, a verging world success. Everything they do is professional, user friendly, zippy, big strides and or innovative, and now they are hitting the broad device market. In two years Ubuntu will be capable of being on every device, whilst other distros will be playing catchup or acting like it's all sweet in the command line world. The plain fact is some people like their computers on flames, just to repair them or to thinker. Ubuntu on the other hand wants to bring functionality and style to Linux. I'm happy for all flavours of Linux to exist, but Canonical's Ubuntu is leading the pack.