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This is best picture of so-called "FOSS Community". Hate, jealous, hypocrisy and IBC (Invented By Canonical) syndrome. If Mir will be successful, then it is only GOOD for everyone. If not - it will fail, so who cares? Go on Canonical, show what you can do and don't look at jealous and hating guys just because you do not want to use their code. Ubuntu is your distro and if Wayland does not fulfill your expectations and forces compromises just don't use it.
I use Ubuntu extensively personally and on work. I'm not jealous, I just care about it. I don't want it to just fail, I want it to fail and die fast. Why?
-Two competing new DS is going to make the situation even worse than just with Xorg
-They didn't engage with Wayland, and created the project secretly
-It's going to fragment GNU/Linux ecosystem on a base level (it's not like creating yet another desktop shell)
-They didn't create it for technical reasons. They want complete control and ownership of the copyright and the project.