So, I have tried Magea 2 for few days, I don't think I can recommend it.

The +:
very smooth installation experience,
quite fast boot and good systemd integration,
very smooth work experience,
magea control panel, aka drakconf(?) - hardly had to use keyboard
proprietary drivers are ready in form of kernel, many kernels available (rt, 686, vanilla, server etc)
package management, when choices of two or more required dependencies are present, you are offered a nice choice.

package management, configuration, when translating from one package to next version and configuration changed upstream:
magea is way less flexible at distinguishing between changed by upstream/current version unchanged upstream. Instead if silently upgrading it presents a diff, gentoo style config update.
but other way around, found no ugly text-dialogs that break the experience.

The -
testing packages (backports etc) generally manage to be a older than on Debian Testing (think LMDE too),
package management, searching and downloading lists is painfully slow, like 12x slower than apt/dpkg,
package management, own graphical package tool is way worse than synaptic(why not port it?) feature wise,
package management, own tool can quit to desktop when installing/updating without any warnings. For example I accidentally closed magea center, but this chain-closed package mgmnt tool, which was in middle of installing stuff.
packages are much less flexible built,ie pull more stuff than Debian would pull for same functionality. Probably has something to do with RPM/DEB saga.
magea control panel, scanner install, failed to properly install and connect to network all-in-one scanner. Found out, it did not enable "epson2" backend, which is funny...
magea control panel often overcrosses functions with say GNOME control panel.
many translation issues (stuff not translated) although I had all "locale" stuff installed. Probably forgot to pull it.
the software is generally same... totem and firefox are equally sluggish and inefficient and video output for example.

Overall I like the automation amount very much, but the distro needs polish of packaging system.
Still, I think ubuntu scores more here.
So,.. my personal option would be for the guys to dump magea and instead improve debian, as a much more advanced base system but lacking polish.

Time to try opensuse..