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Cleaning up linux is a lot of work. Such ideas of mine would be to remove 3/4 of distros (the pointless ones like ubuntu christian edition, hannah montana linux, xandros, etc), remove every other modified firefox browser, kill off RPM, combine all the gnome 2 forks, and so on.
I can't see how that would help. Everything you mentioned, with exception of RPM, is redundant, yes, but doesn't lead to unnecessary fragmentation. Firefox derivatives are still essentially Firefox, run all the extensions etc, Ubuntu Christian Edition and the likes are tiny and completely compatible with Ubuntu's repositories, so no fragmentation there either. I'm not aware of Gnome 2 forks other than MATE. Perhaps Concort, but Consort is based on Gnome 3 Fallback, not on Gnome 2, so they aren't redundant. Combining all the forks would be a disservice, since they're trying to address differently the problem of wanting a full GTK DE while having no/bad OpenGL capabilities. The best one will probably prevail in the end, but until that happens, let them both try and do their things. We'll all be richer for that.