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I disproved the "Banshee is bloated" nonsense in 2009. Have a read here.

The problem is that it doesn't matter if your app is responsive and lightweight - a parade of morons will still shout from the rooftops about how bloated and slow it is, because they are bound by religion to say so, not by any commitment to facts or reality.
No, you didn't. It's a Rhythmbox clone and it uses much more memory. I tried it and only moron will say it's responsive and lightweight. It's slow, bloated and unresponsive buggy nightmare. It's also the least error prone than any other player I've used in my life. That's the reality and some mono mongols wont' change it.

Maybe most of them have better things to do than spend all day arguing with the stupidest people in the "Linux community"
No, they don't have anything better to do. They didn't fix these few bloated and crappy mono apps since years and mono isn't on pair with .net, so they just troll on the Linux forums. That's all.