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Thread: Future Plans For Ubuntu's Unity Still Being Discussed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
    Not quite because the number of people who know about wayland is certainly larger than 3 otherwise we wouldn't be having this discussion, now if you're talking people who know about X that's a different matter. And you do realize that that same argument could be used about Steve Ballmer's FUDing against Linux right? "Oh most people don't even know what linux is so why should you care? there are bigger problems in life to worry about"

    Ultimately Canonical is playing very foul and people are angry because of it, and it should be made note that this is far from the first time. So there's absolutely nothing wrong with people being angry at them for doing that, anymore than you yourself going against .NET because you don't like Microsoft's actions. I'll argue legal and technical issues but there's absolutely nothing wrong with people being angry at a company.
    You're really using a straw man fallacy. Microsoft was training Best Buy employees to believe Linux was bad. Half of America gets their tech advice from Best Buy, so if the Best Buy employees believe Linux is bad, then that is impacting a huge swath of the population. Most Best Buy employees have never used Linux before, so they cannot see through the FUD. Steve Ballmer really doesn't matter though, since no one listens to him, and most customers really don't know who he is; they believe Bill Gates is still the CEO of Microsoft. In this case though, we have a very elite group of technically minded people who will be making the decision of Wayland vs X vs Mir for their particular distro, and those people know enough about Wayland to see the falsehoods in what Canonical stated. The people who download and install distros do not care what display server they're using, as long as it works. You are one of the very, very few exceptions to that, but as you've noted, you can see through their FUD, and so their FUD does not impact you. At all. Those distro maintainers will still use Wayland, and therefore you won't even have to worry about changing out the display server to be less tainted by Canonical. Remind me again how this impacts anyone. Your anger is unwarranted. If they had left the FUD up after it had been disproven, then your anger might be justified, since maybe, possibly, one day in a future where end users care about display servers, they would look back at the past and have negative feelings towards Wayland because of an article from Canonical that they found on the subject. Since during the time period that the article was up, it had no impact on anyone's perception of Wayland, and the statement has since been retracted and will never have an impact on anyone's perception of Wayland, it is anger for the sake of anger. Get out more, talk to people. You can ask everyone you see on the street what their favorite display server is, and not a one of them will tell you Mir, or even X or Wayland. They don't care. So let the technical maintainers do their job where they will look past the FUD and you will not be affected.
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