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I think Zanny is mixing up with "/sbin".

In openSUSE's default, "/sbin" isn't in PATH (because it supposed to contain tools used by the super user), even if some of the tools can be meaning fully ran by a non privileged user:
- /sbin/ifconfig, even without root privileges can be used to get information about network devices (although it still requires privileges for *configuring* the devices).

Now I personally think that openSUSE is one of the best "average user" distros around. YaST is a very nice tool for configuring everything. It has nice out-of-the-box support for lots of things, and a nice eco-system of 3rd party repositories (Packman, Suse's own Open Build System, etc.) (And yes, Valve's Steam is already in the 'Game' extra repository, thank to a few guys who helped Valve and Suse get in touch)
Yes, that's true. But if you execute "ifconfig", the command line actually prints this:
Absolute path to 'ifconfig' is '/sbin/ifconfig', so running it may require superuser privileges (eg. root).
So it's not just "command not found", like some root-only tools on Gentoo and such.

And yeap. I'd say that Mageia is better as a beginner distro, as it does everything in a user-friendly way (auto-detect your graphics card -> present a configuration GUI, where one step is asking whether you'd prefer the proprietary drivers, while briefly summing up its pros and cons in a simple way, and also allowing to switch back by clearing a checkbox later on - just as a single example). But openSUSE is good as a more powerful and universal distribution, as it has a lot more packages, and YaST is more advanced (albeit also more technical than Mageia's control centre).