As I am these days in Hannover I made an interesting live system which can be of course HD installed as well with binary drivers autodetected (Nvidia Geforce 8+ and Amd HD 5+) and also with Mesa 9.1 - not really optimal for Radeon/Nouveau but Intel HD 2000+ works well for Team Fortress 2. It is based on Debian Wheezy with some extras:

* Kernel 3.8.2 (Ubuntu 3.8.0-10 with one extra patch and SATA_AHCI static)
* Nvidia 313.18 and Fglrx 13.2 Beta 7 available in gfxdetect mode and after hd install in that mode
* Mesa 9.1 for open source gfx drivers, best suited for Intel HD 2000+
* Amarok 2.7.0
* Wine 1.5.25
* LibreOffice 4.0.0 (Note to LO: please update before CeBIT next time!)
* Grub 2.00 (in case of UEFI boot requires primary mbr or gpt partition mounted to /boot/efi, can be shared with Win, use adv. partitioning)
* Steam preinstalled
* Libc 2.17 from Debian experimental (in order to use Steam precise repo)
* Iceweasel 19, OpenJDK (only JRE+plugin) 7u15 from Debian experimental

Note: In case you use Fgrlx it is possible to get a blackscreen when shutdown, you can try to press enter to shutdown or hold power button.

I dont have got release announcements on my website as i am a bit busy, but you find the iso here:

With that iso I wanted to demonstrate that Kanotix has got some extra features that Ubuntu does not have. Let me know what you think of it.