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There aren't many options.

#1 Intel/Nvidia combo. This is probably the best solution for a Linux setup, but is also very expensive. If the Steam box is to be successful it must be cheap.

#2 All Intel setup. Intel has good support for Linux, and they have a CPU+GPU combo, it's just that their GPU isn't as good as Nvidia's. It would make the setup cheap enough, but not powerful enough.

#3 All AMD setup. The CPU performance is going to be fine, but driver support for AMD graphics have always been behind. Though lately Open source drivers haven't been bad, but don't compare to Nvidia's drivers.
I'm sure if Valve picks AMD then they'll go for a series that's well supported. It seems to me the HD5000 series encounters the least problems and performs the best of all AMD GPUs on the radeon, radeonSI, and catalyst drivers. I personally own a HD5750 and I never encounter the problems people gripe about with the catalyst drivers. The only thing that doesn't seem to work great is vsync, but X in general has bad vsync problems.