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Intel lies about the nanometer. Their 22nm process are what everyone else calls 28nm. Their production process has quality issues as well. E.g. the IHS issue with the Ivy Bridge chips. AMD has solid production process. That is why it is AMD who owns the worldwide record of overclocking. Intel chips cannot achieve record clockspeeds.
This conclusion is definitely wrong. The Ivy Bridge die is smaller and therefore the heatspreader does not work so well as with a bigger die (Amd ones are definitely BIGGER). Also those speed records are done with unlocked amd chips which have only 1/4 of the integrated cores enabled at all (ok, for Intel this is possible as well). Intel has got K cpus but the maximum multiplier allowed is now 63 (Sandy Bridge 57). As the base clock can only be raised by 10% usually this means the max. is around 7 ghz even with liquid nitrogen. I think Haswell will allow up to 77x, lets see how well it works.