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When you grasp the concept of patent troll and actually get off your own ass and patent something people think is worth copying, I doubt you'd have uttered such nonsense.
I have a perfect grasp of the concept of patent troll, it's someone who weaponizes patents and uses them for profit and/or hurting their competition. Apple fits the bill like a rounded rectangle fits a rounded-rectangle-shaped hole.

Anyone who uses software patents agressively is a patent troll by definition, as software patents are an absurd idea that should never have been allowed at all and are only used for anti-competitive, unethical purposes. The entire patent system (in both US and EU) is broken, partly because they allow software patents, but for other reasons too.

If you still think patents protect innovation, you're either terminally naive or have swallowed the corporate propaganda of apple and its like. Patents do not protect innovation, they do nothing but uphold the status quo in favor of established corporations and actually harm innovation by creating unnecessary barriers to entry.