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Thread: Cinelerra 4.5 Is Silently Available For Video Editing

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    Default Cinelerra 4.5 Is Silently Available For Video Editing

    Phoronix: Cinelerra 4.5 Is Silently Available For Video Editing

    Cinelerra, one of the popular open-source video editors and compositors for Linux, hadn't seen an official update since July of 2012 but pushed this week was a source package for their next major release...

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    Found something at least:

    10/31/13 - Cinelerra 4.5 Speed curves mainly for video & in degraded quality for audio. Some control over whether automation follows edits. Ability to transfer keyframes between audio and video tracks. Motion temporaries are stored in /tmp/m and /tmp/r files. Time Avg clears the accumulator on keyframes.
    At the bottom of the page. Not much but still...

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    Unfortunately Cinelerra never really worked for me. I tried it quite a few times over the past few years, but each time I tried, it was constantly crashing.

    I also tried OpenShot and KDEnlive but OpenShot was too basic and KDEnlive crashed quite often. I'm now using Blender for video editing. It's not a perfect replacement for a real video editing tool, but it gets the job done. Besides it has a great compositor and thanks to the 3D part, you can even do VFX.

    Anyone tried Lightworks yet? Might have a look at that one for my editing needs.

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