My regards for volunteering for this high-priced piece of silica.

But - as others already said, useless due to the lack of reference values.

What about OpenCL benchmarks? This expensive GPU is supposed to be more adequate for numerical research and number crunching than simple OpenGL-stuff and therefore I'd have expected some benchmarks regarding this. It would be nice to see the performance of OpenCL versus CUDA - which I suspect very bad for OpenCL, since the BLOB does by intention cripple the OpenCL.

The competitor in numerical applications/GPGPU would be AMD's GCN architecture in it incarnation HD7970 and for what I saw in the net, Kepler II/GK110 as TITAN is only by 30% faster than the most recent GCN on the GHz-editions of the HD7970. Power consumption on maximum load, minimum load, idle et cetera.

I'm sorry to say that, but having only a web-google-searchable tag "TITAN" or "benchmark" seems to be the only reason for this article to raise the hit marks on this site!

But anyway, my appreciation to the "benchmark apprentice" for buying the silica.