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If Mark Shuttleworth's claims are true, that just means Unity is to blame for GNOME shell, and also Ubuntu is to blame for the system of churning out releases every 6 months.
There's no 'if'. I think Michael saw my post before I updated it - I edited it several times to add extra references and clean up the layout - but I've since added this reference:


it's a video of Shell, uploaded by someone not connected with GNOME who had checked it out of git and compiled it himself, in May 2009 - five months before the date of the initial commit to the Unity repo. Five months before Unity got its first checkin, Shell was in a state where a third party could check it out, build it, and run it.

It just bugs me - primarily as someone with a degree in history - to see stuff that's clearly not true being bandied about. I'm trying not to get too negative about the whole Mir question, but this is kind of independent of it: I just want Mark to stop making claims that are incontrovertibly not true.