Hi there,

I just got tired of waiting for a good ati driver... ya I waited nearly 2 years for AIGLX support and I just refused and stuck to use XGL. ( If I could change my laptops grafikcard.... that would be the best day of my life. )

Ok here we go, thats the new problem:

I would like to stick with the 8.40 driver, but it wont work anymore.... kernel whatever.... I dont really want to use the old stuff just to have 3d.

The last 2 drivers of last year had those no 3d and 1280x1024 max. bugs.....guess they fixed them, but the new issues are as annoying as always.

I just want to play some nice Warcraf 3, you know that ?4? year old game which used to work perfectly... well used.... I can not use 1400x1050 as resolution nor can I start it a second time without having 0 performance.

I just checked it:

fgl_glxgears when everything runs alright: around 600
fgl_glxdears after resume or after I played a little round: 50-100

Please dont tell my restarting the xserver just to play a second round after wine crashed or whatever is the only option.

I have this issue with 8.01 8.02 ubuntu, fedora and opensuse. So it must be that damn driver.

Does anyone know that bug and is it on amds list ?

By the way am I the only user that fears that his grafikcard wont be supported any longer when a useable driver without a serious bug will be released ?

Common 2 years of waiting to have some features you wished for.... just to get the old features like xgl support broken ? Thats a good deal man. I mean my nvidia card runned from the first day I used it under linux with even more features that I really needed......

Any Idea how to change the chip on my notebooks motherboard ? That must be hackable right ?