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That's my reason for getting an AMD (Neo)-based Thinkpad with Realtek wireless. Works reasonably well, once you get the right bits. I now have wireless that can stay up for days, rather than the pathetic showing of intel chips that need to be reloaded to connect--don't know if it's fixed now, don't know if it's widespread, but for at least half a year it was a "known issue" for iwlagn at Chico. I also have a 64-bit processor with virtualization, that wasn't affected by the SYSRET bug, and a gpu with an opensource opengl 3 driver. How much of that do you get from an Atom?

Oh, and I don't think Intel wireless is an option for Qualcomm devices like droidhacker was talking about
Correct, qualcomm devices, like a whole hell of a lot of other devices, uses, get this... QUALCOMM wireless (aka ATHEROS).