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Its the same issue the gnome guys addressed. Everyone knew Wayland would happen "Eventually" but they werent really pushing because there was no downside to NOT. they were no competitors or alternatives or anything, so the wayland guys and gnome and kde could just chill and do whatever.

Now Mir's here and its the classic example of "We're gonna try harder and win just to give a 'screw you!' to the other guys." So now Wayland development and Wayland-enablement has kicked up
That might make sense if it were true.
Do you see how active they were leading up to the 1.0 freeze?
If you look at bit more (back to June) you'll see some of the input work daniels has been working on.
Now, if that wasn't fast enough for Canonical they could get off their @$$3$ and help.
From the back and forths I've read on G+ and irc, I don't have much confidence that the Mir devs are going think of a single thing that the Wayland devs haven't already considered. It is this later part that confuses me the most when I hear Ubuntuboosters talk about the power of competition. It's only useful when the other team actually has something they can field.