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Thread: Google Does Coreboot For "Stout" Chromebook

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
    Oh you mean like :
    • LLVM Bytecode
    • JVM Bytecode
    • Mono's CIL implementation

    I don't think we need YetAnotherBytecode
    The problem is that those bytecodes are attached to certain environment, being a programming language (Java and C#) or a specific compiler (LLVM).

    LLVM bytecode is used in Portable Native Client (PNaCl), but I'm not sure about the efficiency and able to be practical in a real life environment. Google and others just ported some stuff for the platform dependent flavor (NaCl), not sure about PNaCl by using LLVM bytecode.

    I mean a target that can be implemented by language compilers like GCC or LLVM without need to worry a damn about specific stuff other than make the code portable and write in the computer language you want to, then the program can become platform independient and run efficiently in a kernel-based secure and extremely efficient VM.

    This way, there would be less need to compile for tons of targets and just the more demanding software would need native binaries.
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