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well Mir so far have minimal[if at all] contribution from outside Canonical developers and that will be for a foreseeable future, so in this case the CLA/FOSS licence is technically void since they can just put code in another repo and let rot the public one without much consequence after all they are the only ones putting code there

so is kinda useless to fight technicalities at this point
That's not about technicalities so much as fact. The FOSS(GPL 3) is not void. The Mir development code is publicly available at https://launchpad.net/mir. The development is public. If Canonical decides to change the licence to a proprietary one at 12:00 PM tomorrow, then you are free to fork any code that is available up to 11:59 AM under GPL 3 if you are so inclined. That means any contributions made by any contributor will be available for any one to use it. The proprietary version wouldn't be able to accept further contributions from the community under GPL 3. Therefore, there is no stealing of one's code by Canonical for a proprietary product.

I hope that clears some things up.