Yet another Phoronix project is starting to take form and will hopefully be officially unveiled towards the end of July or early August... Forum users simply get a sneak-peak for now. We don't believe anything like this has yet existed, so please bear with us as we work out the initial bugs and begin to add additional features. For the time being, this project is being referred to as "Phoronix LCH".

What Phoronix LCH basically boils down to is an organized community system that will ultimately show what works and what doesn't when it comes to Linux hardware compatibility. There are a few organized lists for some specific distributions available, but we believe this will be the first wide-spread system to distribute this type of information. Sure, you can use Google and try multiple search queries to attempt to find some information on forums or mailing list of users talking about how a specific piece of hardware works with Linux (or wait for a Phoronix review to appear ), but we are attempting to make this process much easier for end-users and provide it in a more organized fashion. Phoronix LCH will be community-driven and accepts public hardware entries and compatibility comments. Below is a blurb from the project page.

Phoronix LCH is designed to be a community-driven indexing system for computer hardware under Linux. This system allows you to post Linux information on hardware, as well as sharing your own personal experiences when it comes to Linux compatibility. You are also able to browse and search the database for other hardware as well. This is designed to make it much more effortless when deciding what Linux compatible hardware to go with during your next upgrade. Phoronix LCH is not distribution specific, and allows comments from all versions of Linux. Phoronix LCH is basically designed to share what works and what doesn't when it comes to hardware under Linux.
Already active on the temporary page for Phoronix LCH is a working system, which shows all available hardware entries, allows you to browse the entries, search the entries, and several other features. We also have a few additional (and exciting) features for this system that we hope to roll out soon. Stay tuned .

With this sort of concept basically being uncharted waters, we certainly welcome any feedback, etc... Currently in the database are a few entries made for demonstration purposes, however, we invite you to begin entering your own hardware experiences.

Most of the major bugs in this program should already be stomped, however, if you see any issues please let us know. Such bugs could include browser incompatibility, hardware device information formatting, user authentication problems, etc... Of the many things still being worked on include improving the user interface (possibly adding some nice graphical functions), improvements with the user verification and management of specific settings for registered users (Control Panel, as well as the implementation of sessions to prevent entering the username/password so often), etc... We also welcome any other ideas or suggestions you may have for improving the concept to better assist Linux users.

Phoronix LCH can be found @

Keep in mind this system is still very much under development, so pardon the rough edges but basically at this point we are looking for any and all feedback. Thanks!

If this turns out to be a large enough success, and ultimately enough demand, we will be replicating the system for Solaris and FreeBSD users as well.

Feel free to discuss Phoronix LCH in this thread.