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Thread: Project: Phoronix LCH!

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    RSS feeds for individual categories is now accessible from the home-page @

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    Michael, it would be neat if you specified the driver and version number you used.

    That would give readers a good idea what driver they know works for the distribution tested.

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    Ideally the user would specify in the comment area what driver/version was used, but I will look into making that a requirement.

    Does anyone else have any remaining comments? Other then what was already mentioned.

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    Here's a couple of ideal things I would like to see in LCH...

    1. It would be nice to discuss how the drivers were installed into the system.
    2. List of existing drivers for the hardware.
    3. Links pointing to related hardware
    e.g. Motherboards based on a certain VIA chipset or nForce chipset.

    The purpose of this idea is so that if the hardware worked on Linux, there's a good chance it would also work on other hardware that are based on similar technologies.

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    Phoronix LCH has now launched. Many of the mentioned comments in this thread are still being evaulated and worked on, and we will continue to be rolling out new features for some time. Similarly, we have just created a kernel field when posting Linux comments.

    Feel free to share Phoronix LCH with your fellow Linux users.

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    Feel free to digg the new list, if you so desire @

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    Someone beat you to it I believe:

    Grats bro! You must be rolling in traffic ^_^

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    Few other notes... user sessions is still being developed, as well as a MUCH improved interface for searching/browsing the content, password reset/user control panel, There is also an interesting setup coming soon for distributions.

    Improved sorting has also been implemented on the menu pages (at the bottom of the page).

    Any other comments are still welcome.

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    Here's part of a spoiler for one of the BIG features that will roll out shortly for improving the interface and browsing-ability

    From the home-page at LCH ( at the bottom is a line that reads "popular distributions", feel free to click on any of those distros... (note: javascript must be enabled).

    This area, among others, will be greatly improved shortly.

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    I think having a huge hcl for linux is an excellent idea!

    I feel a bit uneasy about the whole interface though. What about multiple revisions of a certain card? If you would look at this hcl for wireless chipsets and look at their complete listing you would see a couple versions of the same card. How would your hcl handle that?

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