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Thread: Windows 8 Outperforming Ubuntu Linux With Intel OpenGL Graphics

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    Quote Originally Posted by startzz View Post
    Yep, this thread is troll
    1) Like its a big surprise, that windows is faster in everything than linux... lioooool
    2) Linux cant be really tested for gaming, because it doesnt have any real top games to be tested, same few shitty low level games are being tested like for 50 years... who fkin cares about ice age gaming in linux...
    2.1) steam for linux still didnt do much in linux gaming for now, it still doesnt have any great games like "call of duty : blackcops 2" or "need for speed most wanted 2012", just some primitives game for babies... for this situation to change, it will take many years, i mean, it will take at least 10 years for first big games to appear in linux, and it will be just a few top games, not like hundreds of games that are available for windows right now
    3) linux isnt developed for being number one, it is made for learning purposes, so the situation about gaming in linux wont change.
    Oh great funkstar has a twin troll - startzz. There should be something where if someone wants to create a username, they aren't allowed to have the word "star" in their name. BTW, I don't see how you think linux's games are "shitty and low level" when you play non-existent games like "Black Cops 2" lmao.

    If you decide to test XFCE or KDE (personally I think XFCE is a better test, even though I like KDE more) and people still don't stop whining about your work then just put them on a "graylist" where you don't have to ban them but you know to automatically dismiss their comments as "insatiable".
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