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Can't tell if trolling or serious, but your post looks serious, so I will reply.

Either way, almost everything in your post is wrong. DN3D used the Build engine, an entirely different game engine from id's Doom and Quake engines. Apogee and 3D Realms are indeed the same company in practice, but id Software is an entirely different one. While 3DR was "working" on DNF, John Carmack and the rest of id Software were hard at work releasing actual games.

The only connection between id and Apogee is that Apogee published id's Commander Keen. They were going to publish Doom, but during the negotiations it was decided that Apogee wouldn't publish Doom or any more id games. The connection between the two ends there.

The only other possible reason to get them mixed up is that they are located physically nearby - id Software is in Dallas and Apogee/3D Realms is in the Dallas suburb of Garland. But there are a lot of game companies in Dallas, so that shouldn't even count.
I'm quite serious, There was an article up on 3D Realms site a long time ago I'm having difficulty finding where John Carmack was showing off DNF to some game reporter with the guy saying it was the best game he had ever played. Then during the court battles Carmack tried to destroy the game data so that Take-Two couldn't ruin the game which then resulted in a further court battle that ruled in take-two's favor in order to get the related assets intact. Also Carmack was asked after the launch of Gearbox'es DNF what his thoughts were on it to which he replied "No Comment". Of course a lot of stuff I remember reading on said subject has now completely gone missing... Ever have that situation where you know something is some way like say the way a book is written and then when you look again things are completely different or you know things happened a certain way and there was discussion and such along those lines but then sometime in the future everyone is saying something different about it and you're the only one that remembers it that way?

I'm going to have to accede to you on this it looks like but... I could have sworn Carmack was involved in what I laid out above, but it's all gone...