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Thread: Fenrus Linux: A Distro For Performance, Developers

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    You have to hover the graphs to see the little dots that, I take it, are fenrus's builds.

    The test results are impressive but the lack of information is holding me back from downloading.

    Can you load a live session into ram? does it have an installer?

    just how primitive is it?

    In ubuntu 13.04 I have been fucking with upstart and systemv and I managed to shut off some services that I don't use like CUPS and bluetooth, that and deleting the lenses makes a night and day difference. when idle I'm at 280 mb and 3% cpu.

    Make sure you build a nice little GUI that let's you shut off services like cups etc...

    BTW the name should have been Fenrir, what the hell is a fenrus anyway?

    google search edit: Oh wow a gay videogame character ... way to spell 'professional distro' there buddy
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