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The entire ZFS core team resigned months after Oracle killed Open Solaris, along with plenty of other Solaris engineers. They now work on Illumos at various companies (with the ZFS developers mostly Delphix). They have fixed plenty of bugs that were in the last release of Open Solaris. These bugs affect Oracle's Solaris, but Oracle cannot merge the fixes without releasing its source code. The resignation of so many of Oracle's engineers has also led to a situation where Oracle no longer has the engineering talent needed to continue development of many of Solaris' core innovations, which include ZFS and DTrace. With that in mind, you would be better off with OmniOS:


It is an Illumos distribution with commercial support. In many ways, they are to Illumos what Redhat is to Linux.
yeah i heard many good things about it but didn't got a chance to test it myself but still for many executive they will go for solaris or oracle linux just because oracle says so tho but would be interesting for other projects outside big irons market