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Thread: ZFS On Linux Is Now Set For "Wide Scale Deployment"

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    Quote Originally Posted by intellivision View Post
    Actually Pawlerson you do have a tendency to lie and FUD as much as Kraftman, not to mention the immature writing style and use of emoticons is dead accurate to what he used to post.
    So, Kraftman, why keep making the accounts after getting banned? Do you get some sort of rush from trolling people who would rather have a technical discussion of merit?
    Stop kidding Kebbabert. It is you that lie and FUD. Looking at your previous posts you're one of the biggest trolls at Phoronix. Kebbabert was flaming with kraftman and he was saying others do lie and FUD. You're doing the same, so you're Kebabbert and you should be banned. There are also Vim_user and Sergio who's styles seems to be exactly like Kebbabert's one. Futhermore, you have joined on 01-12-2013, so how do you know about kraftman? I just saw few of his posts since I've joined Phoronix.
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