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I have also done such research and it seems you're lying me once again. After comparing your posts to kebbabert it seems it is you that's using at least two accounts. Like I pointed in another place you have registered much later, so you couldn't saw kraftman vs kebbabert flames. You're saying similar things and sound like kebbabert. Furthermore, you're defending a troll and tries to cheat us he's/you're not a troll. If you would really done some research you would know it was kebbabert who was always quitting after loosing a flame and then he was coming back to troll once again. I've checked this and this clearly shows kebbabert was trolling. You have written something completely opposite, so it definitely shows you're a kebbabert. Too bad for you, because you have missed such a detail.
Answering an accusation with an accusation? So what you're saying is that you have no way to prove that you're not kraftman? And then lying about what is clearly archived in forum posts?
I see that you have a lot to learn my friend.