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Do you expect anyone sane will take something like this seriously? Where's the configuration of both operating systems? It's done by Oracle and they didn't provide necessary data, so it can't be taken seriously.
Oracle claims to be 20x faster than IBM in some benchmarks, not always. But that text is not allowed, because Oracle must always be 20x faster. So Oracle must withdraw the text.

This is actually funny. IBM was the company that popularized FUD, according to wikipedia. For instance, IBM claims that one Mainframe can replace 1.500 of the x86 servers. If you study the claim a bit, you will discover that all x86 servers idle. So, IBM can replace 1.500 servers if they all idle at 2-3 percent load. If the x86 servers start doing work, then the Mainframe can not handle the load, it will be too much. Sometimes IBM can virtualize 1.500 servers, but not always. But this IBM text is allowed. Why not Oracle? IBM accusing Oracle of being faster sometimes is funny, because IBM started the whole thing.

Someone's quote from this unfair benchmark:
To be a fair comparison don't you need to have the latest RHEL -vs- latest Solaris (including matching JRE versions) ?
But then again fair comparisons doesn't seem to be the norm at Oracle.
No, that would be madness. You never ever use the latest version in production. It is only desktop users that can afford problems on their pcs. Large stock exchanges, for instance London running Linux + Solaris, never upgrade the distro. They always use the same OS version and never touch it. Never upgrade it.

Now I see why you were attacking Kraftman who seems to be out of Phoronix for a while. It's easy to say shit about someone who's not aware about it. You're such a coward.
There is lots of talk of Kraftman from you. Why? Nobody cares about Kraftman, or thinks of him. I almost forgot he existed, until you started to talk about him in every thread. Why do you mention Kraftman in every post?

Hey, I suggest you login with your old account Kraftman, instead of using lot of other accounts. Can you do that, Kraftman?