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Thread: Mageia 3 Beta 4 Surfaces For Easter

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    Default Mageia 3 Beta 4 Surfaces For Easter

    Phoronix: Mageia 3 Beta 4 Surfaces For Easter

    The fourth and final beta of Mageia 3 was released today...

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    Meh, I was expecting beta 4 as the best way to try out Gnome 3.8.

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    After trying Magea 2 for a week, I came to conclusion that Magea has to walk a long trip before its usable.
    Currently, Debian Testing is much better than Magea to use as desktop and much flexible at installation. Ofc Magea beats everythin hands down when it comes to installation.
    I wish Magea to reach their goals, I am sure they will.

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