I found a website called Prizerebel that I've been using for a while now and shockingly enough it ended up being legit. I earned up enough points to donate to the humble bundle and the next day I got a email with the key needed to get the games. I know most things like this are spam and are annoying, but I just can't believe it's actually as simple as doing some surveys or signing up and playing some facebook games to gather money for humbebundles.

I have a feeling I'm going to end up being bashed for posting this, but here is an example of a referral link http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=4842423

That link is a method to make points on prizerebel. If you sign up using it and earn points (As a silver member) I gain 20% bonus points on the offers you'd complete (At no cost to your own).

If you feel this thread should be closed I'll completely understand.

P.S I sound like those annoying facebook advertisers now >.>