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Thread: Ubuntu 13.04 To Axe The Wubi Windows Installer

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruinairas View Post
    Well, there goes my method of showing people Ubuntu. People feel more comfortable using WUBI than using a real partition. I dunno why, it's just that way. I can't wait to explain to some of my friends why I can't install 13.04 on their computer using WUBI now. >.>

    I myself don't care about WUBI I just use regular installations. The biggest gripe I have is having to manually change the boot order in the config file. I wish there was a different way of doing this with GRUB.
    partialy it was said already:

    1. its only disabled for next release, you really think for a newcomer it does really matter if you show them 12.10 or 13.04 release. they use a windows from several years ago probably.

    3. If you got somebody into trying out over the wubi installer a ubuntu verison, and they dont wanted it, do you think they want it suddenly now after doing it again?

    4. if you got them to install the windows-installation, I would most likely think a update to 13.04 from the installation would work.

    5. just to show it, a live-usb-stick is way less problematic than installing it. with a installation you risk to damage the system, with a live-usb-stick not, its read-only.

    So if I really consider to show somebody the newest linux I would always use the livecd, and if they like it, but are not 100% shure, but dont wwant to use the livecd always because of sticking it out on the laptop or becauswe they want to use it for something else, I would maybe after that install it with wubi, if they feel undesisive or something about installing it completly without a totaly easy deinstallation fuction.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Frett View Post
    I feel this is good news, if you want the full experience of an OS you need to do a regular Install. And to be quite frank of in my views, multiple Operating Systems are not necessary anymore unless you have some kind of addiction in which you feel like you absolutely must use a particular OS; in which case I recommend treating your addiction, which is really fear of of losing something which you don't really need.
    yes the addiction I got that feeling also that windows is designed to be addictive. Not just usefull and stuff but addictive.
    As example the bugs in windows the old bluescreens generated a mindset to people that "never touch a running system" is a good thing, thats maybe not totaly wrong, but it generated a fear of trying out new stuff, that was bigger than needed.

    And when I thought about the addictive thing last time, I heard sombody in a video youtube say, "is it only me that feels very pleased by the feedback the widnows button gives you after doing stuff on the tablet (a physical windows logo button) its a bit like a rumble effect or zapping or so.

    And then he showed the totaly unintuitive features, he tried to tell his mother how to use it. and had to describe every step, not like in the ios-tablet where she came along with some tipps.

    So they train us gestures that makes no sense at all and are totaly unintuitive for what, that we cant at some point use devices/programms that use intuitive gestures.

    They train us to learn that if something does the right thing it must be wrong because it does not behave like windows.

    And with the feedback from this button on their new surface tablets I thought instantly to the whistle dog-trainers have to train the dogs.... I dont wanna be threaded like a dog
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