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I had a look at the VIA binary driver; it's strictly Ubuntu-only. All the paths are hardcoded to those found in Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distributions:

Haven't downloaded the source code from VIA's portal yet but judging by how small the source zipfile is (less than 2mb) im a bit dubious about whether it contains the full stack, and whether it can even compile on a non-Ubuntu system.
That is Debian multiarch, not just *buntu.

And it still is quite possible to change the paths in the script, so it would be more appropriate to test with
find -name '*.so*' |xargs strings | grep /lib.*86.*-linux-gnu
...which could still be fixed with chrpath or the like, FWIW.

For those who are worried about whether it can be used in later releases: source code is preferable, but ISTR that one argument for dropping the old drivers was that Mesa 7.11 binary drivers could be used with newer Mesa.

And the reason that AMD and Nvidia don't use Gallium is that they have drivers written--why would you re-write a "working" driver just so you use a framework for making writing drivers easier?
Nvidia uses the same codebase for all drivers, and I think AMD shares a bit; that gets harder with two different frameworks.