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At least not once the koolaid has been consumed, as you obviously have.
In my country, there is no coolaid. So, if I prove you wrong, that would mean you are the one on "coolaid", so lets remove your pink glasses for good.
First of all, please study this thread.
Particularly, study later post where one user confirms how bad opensource driver performs on A8, confirming my expectations.

AMD APUs on opensource driver are 20 times slower, so slow that hardware-level slower Intel wipes floor with them.

This is the best fair result I can come up with:

AMD side can be improved - if you can find A8/A10 running 1920x1080, kernel 3.5 or any later radeon driver - POST.

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Why would anybody possibly want to use catalyst??? Radeon performs close (and in some cases *ahead*) of catalyst, and supports everything that catalyst does.
Because 99% of AMD radeon supporters are catalyst consumers. In that case - better straight go nvidia, proprietary too, performed good for ages.
So much for opensource.

But no, many AMD users use AMD just because they love two half broken drivers and consider this state of permanent breakage to be optimal [Link].
Ok, but lets compare fairly - opensource vs opensource, should we? Radeon vs Intel on according hardware.
By the way, its nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find A8/A10 APU on opensource radeon on openbenchmarking, 99% results are fglrx
Donīt believe me - try!

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Are you possibly confusing AMD with nvidia??? I choose AMD ***because of open source***.
No, I am not confusing anything. I choose NOT AMD, because open source is Intel and AMD is closed source.
Opensource AMD is inofficial, on not full documentation, inadequate support, inadequate performance.
This opensource is not far from nvidia, where documentation is added and few developers are present.

That said, I try to use only opensource. But only if its adequate in terms of software and RnD power.
Right now, it is not adequate. But I do appreciate what is happening today with one of AMD drivers.

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Ok, so you want to REALLY MURDERFY intel then? LOL.
As an argument to "AMD should hire 20-30 more opensource developers, which Intel already has" - yes, they can try.
"MURDERFY" - thats LOL.

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That would be helpful, but you can control power consumption quite easily already.
On Intel its automatic. As it should be, no?

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... uh, right. That poor 3D performance that is already WAY WAY better than intel, and "right up there" with nvidia blobs?
Answered by link above. Performance is below Intel.

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AMD is basically ahead of intel in ALL of your "wants".
I purchased already 3 Intel systems to run with opensource driver. They run bug-free, cool, out of the box and have good 3D. Like it should be, no, amd-fan?
Hope this answers "ahead" and "in ALL my wants".

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If you are an opensource supporter, buy AMD. AMD open source stuff actually works. Too bad you drank the koolaid.
Prove it then.
If you have AMD machine, do tests: Lightsmark, Xonotic (High) and OpenArena 0.8.8. Profile: 1920x1080.
Post profile result the result here so we can compare it to profile above, that covers HD2000,2500, 3000 and 4000.

Can use any kernel you want - I recommend 13.04, updated, with xorg-edgers, or oibaf, or stock - at your will. Because its fast and reliable result.

I have access to two Intel machines with specified configuration, one HD2000, other is HD3000.
I can test too and submit profile to compare to your configuration.