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This may be the wrong question to ask, but for example my tv is HDCP, is it possible to disable HDCP (from the tv) so that this driver could be used? (Or is HDCP a requirement of HDMI?)
Your TV supports HDCP, but it should also operate without an encrypted connection. Otherwise, how would you hook up an older HDMI-based DVD player (or anything with component/composite cables)? As a general rule, TVs support HDCP, but they don't require it in most cases. Usually it's the device actually producing/playing the content that would refuse to produce output if HDCP isn't required (such as a Bluray player).

In the case of a HTPC with a radeon hooked up to a TV, HDCP is unsupported, so all of the display output is sent from your video card to the TV through an unencrypted connection. As long as you're not trying to play back encrypted Bluray discs with software that requires the encryption, you'll be fine.