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it will fail depending how you do it.

1.) is not a problem of machinery code is a problem of relation, like glsl need EGL/Wgl/Xgl/Agl/etc and Opengl to be able to understand GLSL you need DX[or a translation layer to opengl] too otherwise the GPU will lock
2.) the directx code is not runnable on linux at all, is very specifically tied to use windows only code and kernel calls, so either nVidia or AMD will need to rewrite the entire DX codepath to use the Linux only code[which will require more code since both kernel model are quite different] with DX too, remember when you write an opengl driver it has to be portable but with directx you don't need to since only windows use it.

so you can make a linux driver understand DX? yes and compile DX? yes but is not as simple as you think and require a lot of code. for example you can modify the r600g llvm backend to process HLSL and reuse the DX gallium state tracker and try to complete it and get in contact with the kernel folks to modify KMS and DRM modules accordingly and after that you need to convince AMD and nVidia to do the same in their closed counterparts so the driver from linux can access their directx codepaths.

the point been, is not as simple as dump hlsl machinery code and expect it would render

What do you mean "the directx code is not runnable on linux at all". I can run it via Wine, even if i need vcrun. Then i can give it a target library, extracted from Windows drivers. So then maybe the produced machinery code can be loaded to the Linux closed driver.