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Unfortunately Linux puts microcode in a folder called "firmware", which makes things confusing right from the start. The microcode that gets loaded into the chip is a binary image, just like the microcode that is permanently burned into devices. It's part of the hardware block design.

All of the driver code (ie everything that runs on the CPU) is open source. This is the same model as the rest of the graphics drivers.
Okay so everything that can be open sourced IS open sourced. Is the performance of the UVD controlled more by the microcode or by the driver? Meaning: will Catalyst and Radeon have equal decoding / encoding performance for the simple fact they both use the same microcode and the driver is just saying "Hey! Decode this!" and throwing video at UVD. Or does the driver actually have a hand in the decoding / encoding and its performance?

(Asking as much for myself as others, figured this would be a good way to hit up questions others might have)