These years, Solid-State Drive becomes key weapon to enhance PC performance.
For 3D performance, VGA is the key. For multi-tasking and graphic design, high end CPU is the must.
Besides these, for on/off PC, saving files or executing programs all need SSD.
Intel and AMD launched several native SATA3 chipset in 2 years.
Now, every SSD providers are designing for the best performance in SATA3 6Gb/s.

So far, CORSAIR has 6 series SSD product lines.
They use different controllers and NAND Flash to rich SSD performance and diversity.
As mainstream SSD, Corsair has specific models for SandForce and Marvell controllers, CORSAIR Performance and Force Series.
In 2012, they launched a new SSD line, called Neutron Series, which is the one in this article.

Neutron Series has general and GTX product lines.
Let?s start from the packing. You can see the model name is Neutron GTX. The performance is higher.

Left side is black 2.5? to 3.5? adapter, SSD installation screws and product manual.
Right side is Neutron GTX 240GB.

The shell is metal with gray coating. The touch texture is more like matte with grain.
CORSAIR provides 5-year warranty. The capacity has 120/240/480GB.
Size is 2.5?. Capacity is 240GB. As per official specs, ATTO Disk Benchmark max read/write is 550/470 MB/s.
Random 4K read can reach 90 IOPS and Random 4K write is 85 IOPS.

Backside is same material and color as front. Lower right is SATA3 and power connectors.
There are 2 silver laser stickers on shell. As warranty and internal hardware security, you better leave it as origin.

Neutron Series both lines, the thickness is 7mm.
For PC users, It's no impact. For slim NB, it provides better upgradability.
Many slim NB change 2.5? SATA to 7mm HDD. This is perfect fit to it.

Neutron GTX 240GB Inside
Front and back sides are without screws. It's fixed by latch.
I would like to warn you that sticker moved will void the warranty. Please don?t try if it's not necessary.
The PCB has 8 TOSHIBA TH58TEG7DDJTA20, Toggle NAND Flash memory
Left has one Samsung K4T1G084QF, DDR2 800, and 128MB.

You need to take our 3 screws to see the other side PCB.
There is one more Samsung K4T1G084QF to make 256MB DRAM Cache.
There are also 8 TOSHIBA TH58TEG7DDJTA20 NAND Flash which is same specs as Plextor M5 Pro.
19nm TOSHIBA NAND Flash single capacity is 16GB, so total is 256GB.
Using similar design as SanForce structure, 16GB is moved for buffer, so the model is 240GB.

Controller is the key selling point for CORSAIR Neutron Series, Link_A_Media LM87800 Controller.
Between shell and chipset, they also put thermal paste.
What?s the performance difference between SandForce and Marvell? You will see in following test.