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A minimum $600 price point for a linux gaming machine doesn't look all that appealing to me atm. I think, and hope, the Valve Steambox could deliver good performance at a more attractive price point.

Valve has said the box they want to manufacture themselves is their $300 model right? With our current pricing of parts I think we're already really close to that being an affordable and viable build for most linux gamers now. Wouldn't something like that look somewhat like this?

processor: $50, pentium

motherboard: $50, mini-itx

Blu-ray: $40, reader

Case + PSU: $40, m-atx slim or m-itx

RAM: $25, ~4 GB+

Wifi: $15, 150 mbps N

HDD: $45, 500 GB

Controller: $35, Bio-feedback controller (I have no idea what this would actually cost and this is a very wishful estimate.)

GPU: $70, Nvidia GFX ~GT 640 or better, Small Form Factor

Linux OS: $0, =P

Total: $370

This kind of build is already possible at a price point of ~$370 so either Valve would sell it at a loss, prices could drop $70 by Q4, or just buying and manufacturing in bulk would shave it off.

Anyway, it is really awesome to see an OEM offering linux on a higher end rig, even if I find the attractiveness of such a machine with the current selection of linux games questionable.
For $40 the case + PSU combo would be complete crap, fucking thing will most likely fry the other component when it fail, since the thing will most like have no decent voltage regulation and poor efficiency with a combo at such price, put that $40 on a seasonic 300W bronze TFX12V, which is actually one of the cheapest (which I admit is odd considering their usual offering) small form PSU you can buy with actual voltage regulation and efficiency certification for SFF, save on electricity instead, put 20 more and you got a gold efficiency certified one instead, don't know anyone else actually offering gold certified SFF PSU. Case do whatever you want.

Also $50 is a celeron price range not pentium, if you want to put down low price, pay 25$ more and get a 35W pentium instead, will have similar performance then your $50 55W celeron for lesser electricity bill.