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    I bought my laptop in September last year. Since then, I can hear shrieks (quite quiet, but hearable) supposedly coming from the graphics card. The problem occurs when I'm using (at least basing on what I can see) gpu-accelerated applications like glxgears or enlightenment17, or sometimes even Firefox. I think the high temperature isn't the reason, because the shrieks can be heard immediately after I run glxgears, when I move mouse on the e17's menu, or scroll in firefox(not always).

    Should I send the laptop to a service, or ignore the shrieks as they are natural for that machine? Is it a drivers fault? The problem appears on Arch Linux and Linux Mint when using propertiary drivers. As far as I remember, the problem doesn't appear when using open-suorce drivers, propably because they don't support hardware acceleration. The laptop is Toshiba L850-13N with AMD HD7670m (yup, I was a fool when I bought a machine with amd graphics).

    Glxgears' shrieks can only be heard when vertical refreshing and deformations' elimination are off. I don't know how these options are called in English since I use a Polish version of amdcccle.

    I can send the laptop to a service, but I'm afraid that they will just say it's software's fault and send it back.
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