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The reason why Android is so successful*, is because it is free/open without the "big scary enforcement" part. They accomplish this by using APL rather than GPL (which only applies to the kernel).

* more than 75% of mobile smart device shipments run Android currently, Android total device shipments *currently* exceed the total operating system shipments by MS (mobile+phone, desktop, and server), and forecasts show that the majority of ALL devices (more than 50%) with operating systems (including "dumbphones") will be Android devices by 2017. http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology...phones-tablets

If anybody is looking for a successful model for open source software, they really need to look straight at Google, since to date, they are the ONLY really and truly (and MASSIVELY) successful open source software vendor.
I dont think you can attribute all of androids success to the licence. would it have been even bigger if they had used a BSD kernel? I'd suspect that the success of android is far more to do with having a giant like google behind it.