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Windows is a great OS and a high quality software product, there is no
question about it. From the aspects of usability, support, software availability,
hardware drivers... linux can look up to some of the standards delivered
by MS products (not all, ofcourse).
No, no, that's all wrong... The correct response is "Microsoft ate my baby and then stole my car... with my wife in the passenger seat".

Windows is a good product in general, although I disagree with the direction that MS is taking with the UI for desktops in Windows 8. Their interface is nice for touch-enabled devices, but not so nice for the classic keyboard/mouse combination. Performance and stability, however, are fine. I've only managed to crash my Windows 7 desktop a couple times since Windows 7 was released, and some of those times were my own fault.

I use Linux for the freedom and selection that it gives me as a user and as a software developer, not because Windows is an unacceptable choice. If I ever get to the point where all of my games work in either Linux or Wine, I'll probably delete the Windows partition on my main machine, and just keep a VM around for compatibility's sake.