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Thread: X.Org/Mesa Might Get Better GLAMOR, GLSL, Shatter

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    Default X.Org/Mesa Might Get Better GLAMOR, GLSL, Shatter

    Phoronix: X.Org/Mesa Might Get Better GLAMOR, GLSL, Shatter

    After a snafu yesterday with the Google Melange web-site not listing all participating organizations, it turns out that the X.Org Foundation is in for the 2013 Google Summer of Code. Here's some of the possible X.Org/Mesa projects that might see some attention this summer...

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    It wasn't really a snafu on the gsoc website; approved participating organizations only show up in the gsoc website when the organization's admin has finished the accepted organization registration process. I didn't get a chance to fill it out until later in the day so it didn't show up immediately. If there are other projects you are interested in, you might want to check back periodically as it may take a couple of days for all the participating organization admins to finish the registration process.

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    Default Great

    I hope to see good improvements this year!

    We need XWayland support!

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