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Thank you, when I upgrade my vid card, I would prefer it to be an amd again.

We all know how much nvidia does to improve the open source drivers....
And although I do not use the open source drivers, for me as a Linux fan that does go a long way.

But currently judging from the steam forums, it would be an bad idea.

I am having fun with serious sam3, on Linux but I had to lower the resolution, on Linux.
( just to make clear, I am not whining over a few fps. )
That sort of brought me to a sudden realization - what if AMD didn't focus on both the open source and Catalyst drivers? By splitting up development teams for open source and closed source, that basically means half the attention for both products. Personally, I'd rather they focus all on one and not the other. I would prefer focus on the open source drivers just so they get a chance to catch up (and because they support more hardware and OGL-unrelated software), but I also prefer focus on the Catalyst drivers because those are a much shorter distance from operating head-to-head with Windows. I personally use the Catalyst drivers - aside from having to hold back my xserver version, I don't seem to get ANY problems with it. I think much of the complaining about Catalyst is from un-knowledgeable users or people who like to linger on past errors. This is a shame, considering Linux itself is suspect to those problems, so you'd think it's own users would realize this.

On the other hand, AMD could also just hire more devs, but we all know they can't afford that yet.