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Thread: Solving a simple equation for resolution?

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    Default Solving a simple equation for resolution?

    Hey guys. I need a little bit of your brain power becouse in this case my own is inadequate. I've never really been any good at math, and I really could use some help... Here is the problem, I'm trying to figure out how to solve a problem where everything is constant except the resolution... Maybe this will help better...

    Source Width=704
    Source Height=256

    Now in order to solve for BPP we have to figure out what the aspect ratio is, and that is simply dividing the width by height. Then we divide the bitrate by the refresh rate by the aspect ratio. The solution is the bits per pixel.

    Aspect=Source Width/Source Height


    Or if we want to solve for the bitrate we can multiply the BPP by the width by the height by the refresh rate. Seems simple enough.

    Bitrate=BPP*Source Width*Source Height*Refresh.


    Now where I'm stuck is, assuming that Bitrate, BPP, Refresh, and Aspect are fixed values, how would I solve for the width and height? This has to be done while maintaining the aspect ratio of the original source. I havent been able to figure out how to do it. Anybody have any suggestions?
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