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Thread: Freedreno Driver Begins Work On Adreno A320

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    Default Freedreno Driver Begins Work On Adreno A320

    Phoronix: Freedreno Driver Begins Work On Adreno A320

    The open-source Freedreno driver that seeks to provide a fully open-source Qualcomm Adreno graphics driver for Linux with OpenGL ES acceleration by a Gallium3D driver, is beginning to support the Qualcomm GPU found within the Google Nexus 4...

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    These are very good news! Mobile processors are the future, and in my experience on the desktop the open source drivers are *much* more stable than the proprietary ones.

    I'm looking forward to a future of open-source drivers on mobile devices. If we can get decent performance as well it's a great win for us all. Now with this and other open source drivers (nvidia, lima) this future looks entirely possible.

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