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It is not as if you have any problems with censorship you hypocritical dipshit - read your earlier posts and see how much of a fool you just made yourself look right now

That is what you said, right there. So STFU about 'censorship' already when you have zero problems with 'censorship'.

Read the above you hypocritical dipshit where you are CALLING FOR SOMEBODY TO BE BANNED because he says things you don't appreciate. Egg in your face there.
I do not want him banned because I don't like what he posts, I want him banned because he uses slander and openly accuses the OpenBSD people to be terrorists. And you talk to me about selective reading?
Disqualifying yourself is a thing that you are really good at, as it seems.
Anyone can see that you are an asshole, but that doesn't mean that you should be censored, or anyone else, as long as you are not going the criminal way, as this antiBSD troll did several times, but BO$$ not, he is, like you, just the usual troll.

Ie. you people on Phoronix are sellout pieces of shit trying to 'hide' behind legalese to justify toxic, fraudulent behavior.
Oh wait, here you crossed the line, you are accusing people here of fraud, now come up with evidence for that or STFU, because this is slander otherwise.

Pathetic little MBA conmen living in Europe/America that 'think' they will become the next 'big startup' by making games with pathetic graphics and even more pathetic gameplay AND (here is the key) GETTING RICH OFF RIPPING OFF GPL'ED GAME ENGINES WHOLESALE. Dude - hate to break it to you - but the entire lot of you will be facing foreclosure within two years after the bubble has burst on your 'indie' asses.
I am not a developer, so you can't mean me with that outburst, but when you think that using GPL'ed engines for something that actually brings the developers some money is a rip-off then you are clearly a zealot that doesn't even understand the GPL. If you think that there is a license violation then go and report that to the appropriate place, there are people that are interested in that. Otherwise you should better say nothing, since you make a fool of yourself (too late, but anyways).

You are either a sellout or you are not - you are either a disgusting maggot piece of shit or you are not. And you lot that think 'the license allows the behavior' are just that - maggot pieces of shit.
So using the license in the way it is written is only good if you approve that it is in the way that you think is right, otherwise people using the licenses are maggots? Man, you are pathetic.

Kindly fuck off and get your ass out of the 'software engineering' industry already so the world can be a better place for all of us - you have no morals, no integrity, no backbone, no nothing - and you should get out and get lost .
I am not a software engineer, so you can't mean me with that, but I have a question for you. You are a developer of an emulator. BO$$ is a game developer. How would he quitting game developing make the world a better place for a developer of an emulator? How would make it emulating proprietary platforms (there goes your higher moral) easier or better for you?
Besides that, you know nothing about me, so you judging my morals, integrity or backbone is again just another pathetic attempt to place your own ego on a higher ground. You really seem to need that.